Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New impressive Indian Ads

I was just searching for new indian ads as I am always a big fan of those ads. Just found some cool ones from company webchatney. so listing them. I am sure you will love it.

MakeMyTrip - Chidiya Udi
Ah, childhood. Little bratty babies playing cute games and making everything fly. Circa 2005...wishful thinking no more.
Click to find out how everyone can fly

MakeMyTrip - Chalo Lanka
Hanuman being the faithful sidekick to ram arrives to inform him of the capture of his beloved. Hold on though..that doesn’t look like Sita at all!
Click to find out what is in his heart

MakeMyTrip - Moving Train
Empty trains and upset dacoits. What could have reversed the law of land, we wonder! Could those innumerable planes dotting the skies have anything to do with it? Yes, it's likely. The Moving Train, is the latest viral for MakeMyTrip.com to have emerged from within the ranks of Webchutney is both inspired and dedicated to the most cult Indian tale of recent times.
Click to find out gabbars new problem

Microsoft Outlook - Don't be udas

The flash video starts with a Pankaj Udaas cartoon singing "Bade dino ke baad.." And he keep's repeasting the same line till someone from the audience asks.. "Bade dino ke baad kya??" .. Then he says.. "kya?" and slowly whispers "Chitthi Aayi hai" and start playing his harmonium wildly!
Click to find out Don't be udas campaign by microsoft

Some other Old ones just listing youtube links for them

Happy Dent Mint Ad

Coca-cola- baal ki dukan
Shampoo Ad
Dairy Milk

Coca-cola - Aamir Khan - yara da tashan

As of now just listing these. If you know some other cool and funny ad mail me or leave a link in a comment i will list it on my blog.


Source : webchatney, Youtube

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