Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sharad Pawar got shagged (champions trophy)

Fans will remember this episode more than any match of the Champions trophy.
What do you think? Is that mistake or purposely done by Ricky Pointing?

update 1: thanks Komal for the update

Zune Reviews: It's OK, But No iPod

Zune arrives next Tuesday, Microsoft was hoping to make a big splash. However, it won't be getting any help from the technology media, which have for the most part passed over the so-called "iPod killer" in lackluster reviews.

These are the few negative points i found just giving outline of it.

  1. The bad news begins with the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, who called the Zune's hardware "rushed and incomplete." He pointed to both the fairly significantly larger size and poor battery life. He also notes that the larger screen doesn't mean better resolution than the iPod - just a bigger picture.
  2. Additionally, Mossberg points out the smaller size of the Zune music store, and its lack of TV shows, movies or music videos as well as audiobooks and podcasts as drawbacks. Mossberg also criticized the Microsoft Points system, which is required to make purchases for the Zune, calling it deceptive.
  3. The iPod is thin, sleek and elegant looking. The Zune looks big and blocky, sort of like a prototype for a gadget, rather than a finished product.
  4. Pogue called the fact that Zune users cannot fill their devices using Windows Media Player and rather must use a separate application "a ridiculous duplication of effort."
  5. Zune misses many of the extra features that the iPod has, and is incapable of being used as an external hard drive like most other MP3 players.
But still critics rates this product as high because they think as a 1st product its a good effort.

Bottom line : I will rate ipod as # 1 mp3 player till next improvement from microsoft.

Source : Betanews

Thursday, November 09, 2006


No wonder is our perception of beauty is distorted.
How can we choose the true beauty while there are such
techniques in the world?

Shatabdi Express

Now I know from where Aamir Khan got inspiration for the movie Ghulam....
check out the video.... close call.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SHOJI can tell (your boss) how you're feeling

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a system that can determine the "mood" of a room by sensing all sorts of factors in an environment. The mood data is then transmitted to LED lights that change based on how people feel. Called SHOJI, the system detects light, temperature, humidity, infrared radiation, ultrasonic waves, the movement of people in the room, their body temperatures, and the "nature of the activity" in the room. All of this gets summed up in a colored light? OK. Apparently this is meant to be set up in offices so managers can have a big-brotherish sense of how their employees are feeling and presumably know what kind of mood-altering drugs to pump through the air conditioning to make their wage slaves more productive.
Source : Sci-fi

Iris recognition technology for mobile phones

On November 6, Oki Electric announced the development of iris recognition technology for camera-equipped mobile phones. Unlike Oki’s previous iris recognition technology that relies on infrared cameras for the iris scan, the new technology uses ordinary cellphone cameras.

With plans to make the technology commercially available in March 2007, Oki hopes to boost the security of cellphone payment systems.

According to Oki, any camera-equipped cellphone or PDA can perform iris recognition once the special software is installed. Identification accuracy is said to be high, with only 1 in 100,000 scans resulting in error, and the system can tell the difference between flesh-and-blood eyes and photographs.

Source : Pink Tentacle

Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments

Thanks Saurin for the idea..... there are few more interesting video check it out

This is another type of experiment

This one with dry ice

Now you know what to do when u have computer virus

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Microsoft Launches Virtual Earth 3D

Microsoft on Monday took the wraps off Virtual Earth 3D, a new version of the company's mapping application that enables users to "fly" through three-dimensional models of cities from directly within their Web browser - complete with virtual billboards.
The idea is that users can type a query into Windows Live Search and click on the "maps" tab to bring up results in a local context, with the ability to view two-dimensional aerial and bird's-eye imagery, or the new 3D models offered by Virtual Earth.
As part of the change, Windows Live Local is being re-branded Windows Live Search Maps.
The service is poised to compete with Google Earth, a standalone application that complements the search giant's online mapping service. But Microsoft says its offering takes the concept to another level, by bringing the virtual world closer to the physical world.
Instead of grey scale boxes of buildings like in Google Earth, Virtual Earth 3D uses photographs to create realistic, textured buildings. Microsoft says it developed the cameras it uses to capture the images in house, as well as creating an algorithmic program to build the textured 3D models.
However, because of the level of detail Virtual Earth 3D offers, Microsoft is launching the product with support for only 15 cities. On the list are San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, San Jose, Phoenix, and Houston.
Not everything will be real, however. Microsoft is putting virtual billboards into the 3D cities it creates, enabling the company to sell advertising directly in these virtual worlds. For example, a billboard advertises Fox above the AMC Lowes cinema in San Francisco. Microsoft was able to accomplish this through technology it acquired from in-game advertising company Massive last April.
Microsoft says it plans to continually add new cities to the service, as well as expanding Virtual Earth to other countries. Developers will also be given access to the APIs in order to integrate the 3D cities into their applications, although this functionality will require a fee.
Virtual Earth 3D only works in Internet Explorer.

Source: betanews

Monday, November 06, 2006

Logo Test !!!!!!!

You see these logos almost every day. How well do you remember them?

Check it out here and and in comments submit your score... i sucked big time

Haptic Research

It is not really sure that there's going to be any consumer haptics devices outside the context of a video game anytime soon, but that hasn't stopped the European Union from funding the HAPTEX (HAPtic sensing of virtual TEXtiles) project. Haptics, of course, is the study of touch sensory feedback, and scientists at the University of Geneva are currently working on a project that will incorporate touch into your online shopping. So let's say that you're looking online to buy pants, but you're not sure if you want corduroys or jeans -- in case you didn't know what those materials felt like, you'd touch a device that would allow you to feel the various textures. The project is due to end exactly one year from now, so that's when we'll find out if the €1.66 million ($2.11 million) that EU taxpayers shelled out was really worth it -- and what devices, if any, will come to fruition.