Thursday, March 04, 2010

Getting Bore of iPhone

Since last few days I feel I am totally bored of iPhone, everyone must be wondering am I crazy because who gets bored of iPhone? but let me explain.

These days only thing I use on my iPhone is for Calls, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, IM. That covers 95% of usage, otherwise rest 5% I use for other apps. Makes me wonder I am not giving justice to its ability.

I used be crazy abt my iPhone. I don't try different stuff on it anymore, don't get so much time. I don't use it for long time compare to few months back. I used it for 2 years and now I feel it will start giving me problems and time for a change will come soon.

Now that makes me wonder now whenever I take new phone, should I go for iPhone again? Unlike getting my this one cheap in US, I have to spend lots of money for new one now. I been to Alfa yesterday after long time and saw different models and compared price found 2-3 great models for my liking in almost half the price compare to new iPhone. I don't feel too keen to keep the same phone and my nature is also to try new things unless Apple comes out with something very different this year but I doubt that.

So let me list things I surely need in my new phone
  • qwerty Keyboard - touch screen or physical
  • Wifi, Edge/3G,
  • Bigger screen
  • Contacts, Calendar, notes sync (update: which works with Mac)
  • Facebook, Twitter applications
Things I will be happy if can give all of above
  • Touch Screen - using iPhone for 2 years cant work with cursor or I can give it a try too
  • GPS(Maps)- I hope people start using it here
  • Good Camera
  • Evernote, Remote login, Sugersync, office and apps like those
So friends, please let me know your suggestions, which fits my above mentioned criteria.