Thursday, March 04, 2010

Getting Bore of iPhone

Since last few days I feel I am totally bored of iPhone, everyone must be wondering am I crazy because who gets bored of iPhone? but let me explain.

These days only thing I use on my iPhone is for Calls, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, IM. That covers 95% of usage, otherwise rest 5% I use for other apps. Makes me wonder I am not giving justice to its ability.

I used be crazy abt my iPhone. I don't try different stuff on it anymore, don't get so much time. I don't use it for long time compare to few months back. I used it for 2 years and now I feel it will start giving me problems and time for a change will come soon.

Now that makes me wonder now whenever I take new phone, should I go for iPhone again? Unlike getting my this one cheap in US, I have to spend lots of money for new one now. I been to Alfa yesterday after long time and saw different models and compared price found 2-3 great models for my liking in almost half the price compare to new iPhone. I don't feel too keen to keep the same phone and my nature is also to try new things unless Apple comes out with something very different this year but I doubt that.

So let me list things I surely need in my new phone
  • qwerty Keyboard - touch screen or physical
  • Wifi, Edge/3G,
  • Bigger screen
  • Contacts, Calendar, notes sync (update: which works with Mac)
  • Facebook, Twitter applications
Things I will be happy if can give all of above
  • Touch Screen - using iPhone for 2 years cant work with cursor or I can give it a try too
  • GPS(Maps)- I hope people start using it here
  • Good Camera
  • Evernote, Remote login, Sugersync, office and apps like those
So friends, please let me know your suggestions, which fits my above mentioned criteria.


Ankit said...

I agree with the sentiment. However, I still am yet to find a phone that works so perfectly with MAC.

It's a catch 22 - I have not tried many others on my MAC and so am unaware of any that works so nicely.

I say, do let me know if you find any good phones.

Btw, I hear that Apple might be coming out with newer phone models in June. You might want to wait till then :)

usmah said...

How about blackberry storm 2?

kaushi said...

even i m fed up with Iphone 2g,for a change just take a look of HTC touch pro,Nokia 97/mini,samsung Omnia pro,samsung B7610,nokia E series,n Sony Ericsson too...!!

Nilesh Karia said...

A couple of my friends use the Google Nexus. They've swapped their iPhone for the Nexus. I think that fits your features bill.

rushabh said...


if they make a bigger screen, who will buy the IPad :)

Shailesh Gangoli said...

Okay, I'm in the 1-year ago Kinji-phase of still loving the iPhone. But, I can totally see mid-life cellphone crisis happening in the future. Hope you cope well with it and may the best phone win! Make sure to share that information with us so some of us can transition without the emotional turmoil that you're going through :p

Anonymous said...

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