Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FIFA World cup 2010 - Fantasy League

And time for another Football World Cup 2010. Frankly after getting bored of overdose of cricket, I am looking forward to it and feeling the excitement now. First thing came to my mind was last FIFA world cup and how excited it was and we all friends were playing Fantasy football league, so it was more fun in that too.

So again this year thinking of playing fantasy league and as friends were checking out which one to join, initially we found all manager based/budget based leagues where we have select players and transfer etc etc and no one got time/knowledge for that stuff.

After taking help from google god, found atleast 5 fantasy league how we wanted just predicting the winner, I short listed to top 3. Nice to see variety in this too.

1. Official FIFA predictor game
Summary of rules: points will be awarded as percentile basis... obvious winners have less points so if u go out of way and predict other thing u get more points and there is joker for double point in each round...etc etc
check out all rules at

2. Super Sports Prediction
Summary of rules: This is simpler.. just predict the winner and get the points and with that predict the score line so get points on goals too. check out all rules at

3. WCpool prediction game
Summary of rules: this is simplest... just points for correct prediction.. no other masala...

Let's see which one we decide and play... I am sure it will be fun. If you want to join the sub league email me. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World of Landline...

After long time sitting in the office and relatively non busy day made me think out of the box, Thinking why the hell my cordless phone look the same since last 10-15 years?

Reason behind thinking-
  1. All other electronics I use changed drastically over period of 10-15 years. TV - from huge box to smart sleek LCD, Computer - my 1st comp was 100 MHz, 600 MB HDD, 124 MB RAM and now my phone got way better config, Radio player, Cassette player, cell phone, AC, etc etc. So the point is everything changed not my cordless phone. Its still the same.
  2. Telecom industry is ever growing, why didn't they do anything with landlines.
  3. Did they finish their evolution life cycle?
  4. Or its just the politics by telecom players to sell cell phone and other new things and phase out old things? Now I have to think there is absolutely no need for me to have landline.
What they could have done
  1. Provide additional feature in new cordless - take any cell phone OS as example.
  2. My cordless phone system sucks. I can't figure out simple things from their menu. Saving and using address book is such pain.
  3. Why cordless phone cost so much? Rs 2000 cell phone also have better features.
So why I am keeping my landline number?
  1. It used to be price, for long talk it was cheaper but I think that gap is also over, point of fact I don't even know how much is the charge for landline phone call.
  2. It's there since so long time, everyone got this number so just for that sack. (Although I never get any phone calls there)
  3. Fax - till now cell phone cant take fax but there are alternatives like Fax to email etc and in few years fax system will phase out.
  4. My net connection provider is landline phone company, but I think they provide without number too now so lets see.
So basically I can not find any reason to keep my landline number and time to say bye bye in near future unless they don't give something new. Or I have to accept the fact that it was old technology like floppy disc or cassette player and needed to phase out. R.I.P. LANDLINE PHONE.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Getting Bore of iPhone

Since last few days I feel I am totally bored of iPhone, everyone must be wondering am I crazy because who gets bored of iPhone? but let me explain.

These days only thing I use on my iPhone is for Calls, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, IM. That covers 95% of usage, otherwise rest 5% I use for other apps. Makes me wonder I am not giving justice to its ability.

I used be crazy abt my iPhone. I don't try different stuff on it anymore, don't get so much time. I don't use it for long time compare to few months back. I used it for 2 years and now I feel it will start giving me problems and time for a change will come soon.

Now that makes me wonder now whenever I take new phone, should I go for iPhone again? Unlike getting my this one cheap in US, I have to spend lots of money for new one now. I been to Alfa yesterday after long time and saw different models and compared price found 2-3 great models for my liking in almost half the price compare to new iPhone. I don't feel too keen to keep the same phone and my nature is also to try new things unless Apple comes out with something very different this year but I doubt that.

So let me list things I surely need in my new phone
  • qwerty Keyboard - touch screen or physical
  • Wifi, Edge/3G,
  • Bigger screen
  • Contacts, Calendar, notes sync (update: which works with Mac)
  • Facebook, Twitter applications
Things I will be happy if can give all of above
  • Touch Screen - using iPhone for 2 years cant work with cursor or I can give it a try too
  • GPS(Maps)- I hope people start using it here
  • Good Camera
  • Evernote, Remote login, Sugersync, office and apps like those
So friends, please let me know your suggestions, which fits my above mentioned criteria.