Thursday, October 01, 2009

Google wave - 1st impression

Today I got invite for Google wave in the morning and that reminded me of getting invite of Gmail in early 2004 :) and almost after a year this news inspired me to update my almost dead blog with another post. Anything for Google GOD :) I hope this will change the way people converse over net.

I started using Google Wave but realized I need users to test anything.. it was like just messaging and chatting with myself. So gave away 8 invites to facebook/twitter friends within 10 min. But they did not receive email that time (not up till right now when I am writing this blog). So had to wait untill I see anyone in my contact list.

Finally I saw couple of people online I did my testing...

My Definition :
Google wave is advance group chat + offline chat (threaded email) function

  • 1st look is like normal group chat but with lot more feature like edit and reply to any thing in on going conversation to make it better.
  • Posting options - there are nice options like G+ where u can search and attach web result, image, video etc etc, attachment and gadget (youtube etc)
  • Playback feature - like u can play timeline to see which message came and reply and edits and feel like actual conversation
  • Reply to any message in between to avoid confusion due to multiple topic discussion
  • Can really change the way people group chat and make plans. New idea and I really liked it.

  • You can actually see what other person typing in real time (with irritating lag) including what he typed wrong and back spaced and retyped. Google should give option to disable it.
  • Lack of embedded option but i think this is early beta version. They will include it soon.
  • When more than 2 ppl in thread, things might get too confusing as anyone can edit anything and reply to any message in between so to track its difficult and confusing
  • Long threaded conversation looks dirty when you see overall picture
  • Little complicated for non techy person
  • Everyone needs to understand what it is like chat or email then only useful
  • Still needs to add lot more features (gadgets) like poll.
Final take : Great idea, I like it, but I don't know how public will adopt.

Topic is still open to discuss and I will keep adding points to this.