Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SHOJI can tell (your boss) how you're feeling

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a system that can determine the "mood" of a room by sensing all sorts of factors in an environment. The mood data is then transmitted to LED lights that change based on how people feel. Called SHOJI, the system detects light, temperature, humidity, infrared radiation, ultrasonic waves, the movement of people in the room, their body temperatures, and the "nature of the activity" in the room. All of this gets summed up in a colored light? OK. Apparently this is meant to be set up in offices so managers can have a big-brotherish sense of how their employees are feeling and presumably know what kind of mood-altering drugs to pump through the air conditioning to make their wage slaves more productive.
Source : Sci-fi


Mike said...

It's a little scary as to where technology could eventually lead. Good and bad in everything I suppose.

Smiling said...

this ones cool...the last line abt d mood changin drugs adds to the scary feelin of what technology caqn lead though!!!