Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zune Reviews: It's OK, But No iPod

Zune arrives next Tuesday, Microsoft was hoping to make a big splash. However, it won't be getting any help from the technology media, which have for the most part passed over the so-called "iPod killer" in lackluster reviews.

These are the few negative points i found just giving outline of it.

  1. The bad news begins with the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, who called the Zune's hardware "rushed and incomplete." He pointed to both the fairly significantly larger size and poor battery life. He also notes that the larger screen doesn't mean better resolution than the iPod - just a bigger picture.
  2. Additionally, Mossberg points out the smaller size of the Zune music store, and its lack of TV shows, movies or music videos as well as audiobooks and podcasts as drawbacks. Mossberg also criticized the Microsoft Points system, which is required to make purchases for the Zune, calling it deceptive.
  3. The iPod is thin, sleek and elegant looking. The Zune looks big and blocky, sort of like a prototype for a gadget, rather than a finished product.
  4. Pogue called the fact that Zune users cannot fill their devices using Windows Media Player and rather must use a separate application "a ridiculous duplication of effort."
  5. Zune misses many of the extra features that the iPod has, and is incapable of being used as an external hard drive like most other MP3 players.
But still critics rates this product as high because they think as a 1st product its a good effort.

Bottom line : I will rate ipod as # 1 mp3 player till next improvement from microsoft.

Source : Betanews

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